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Subfloor with SERVPRO drying equipment

Water Damage in Kings Park Basement

Water damage containing sewage is one of the most serious types of loss that can happen in a Kings Park home. A toilet overflowed and because water seeped into the subfloor, the tile flooring required removal for cleanup and restoration services.

Basement with wet contents in the floor

Storm Damage Cleanup in East Islip Basement

Storm damage hit an East Islip basement with significant water loss. The homeowner had one-inch of water in an unfinished basement used primarily for storage. SERVPRO techs extracted the water and removed the wet contents for cleaning and drying in another area.

SERVPRO techs working on commercial water damage in shower

Happauge Shower Brings Serious Commercial Water Damage

A sewage backup in the private shower for the VP of this company resulted in commercial water damage that flooded half of the Happauge building. SERVPRO techs extracted the water and cleaned and disinfected the shower area to make it sanitary for reuse.

Room with carpet removed and SERVPRO equipment

Smithtown Laundry Room Leaves Large Amount of Water Damage

Water damage in the immediate area that spread into the hallway and den. SERVPRO techs extracted the water, removed the sheetrock and carpet as a water loss and set up drying equipment.

Kitchen with plastic covering and pizza box and drinks on the center island

Kings Park Water Damage

This Kings Park kitchen had water damage plus sewage when a pipe under the floating floor leaked. The techs carefully removed the bamboo floorboards so the subfloor could dry. They also used heavy plastic sheeting to protect the cabinets from cross-contamination during mitigation.

the burned back wall, fire debris-filled countertop, and plaster from the wall

Kitchen Fire Damage in Smithtown

The Photo depicts a significantly fire-damaged kitchen in a Smithtown home. Besides a controlled demolition of the non-salvageable materials, our SERVPRO crew can also begin to set up hydroxyl generators to grapple with the malodors caused by the blaze. This process will take several days, but our customers are already pleased with our efforts.

Handwritten Testimonial

Personal Testimonial

This customer was so happy with the service she received during  stressful time when their water heater flooded their finished basement.  

Thanks once again for the wonderful job your company performed at our home in NY. We appreciate your kindness and professionalism.

Collage of photos showing water soaked walls and walls with the drywall removed

Water Damage

This family had a burst pipe in the ceiling of their finished basement. The photo on the left shows the ceiling buckling due to the water and moisture. The photo on the right shows after when we removed the damaged.

Bathroom with toilet and pipes in wall exposed

An Undetected leak in Pipe caused Mold

This family discovered mold behind the bathroom wall when they were remodeling.  As homeowner started the demo, removing a section of wall and discovered mold.   This picture shows what the customer had discovered. 

SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown was called in to clean up.  The owner was very pleased we were able to remove the mold and he could continue on with his remodeling.  

collage of photos showing oil on walls and floors

Oil Leak

This customer had an oil leak from her burner. SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown was called and we were able to remove the odor form her home.  This photo shows before and after of the cleanup of the oil spill.

Frozen Pipe Burst in Smithtown, NY

This home had a pipe break in the ceiling.  Before we remove the ceiling we protect homeowners contents by covering in plastic to protect from falling drywall.  This also protects personal property from any dust in the air that may settle.    

basement with bottom 4 feet of framing exposed and male employee using a shopvac

Final Cleanup after demo

This home's finished basement had a water intrusion which had caused mold growth.  Mold Remediation requires us to remove affected drywall, insulation and flooring - the technicians will vacuum each stud and surrounding area to make sure there is no debris on the floor, then they are ready to rebuild the customer's home.

Moisture Readings

When we arrive at a home with water damage.  We always  take moisture readings.  Assess the home and explain to the homeowner what exactly we need to do to dry out the affected area. 

Green SERVPRO van in front of a white brick wall

New Van!

SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown added a new van to our fleet.  This 2017 ProMaster Van which can hold more equipment such as dehumidifiers and air movers and specialty drying equipment for those jobs we receive and always have the equipment on hand.