Commercial Photo Gallery

SERVPRO techs in PPE on metal staircase

Detailed and Thorough Commercial Cleaning in Smithtown

This facility in Smithtown is getting its regular weekly commercial cleaning from SERVPRO. The techs wear personal protective gear to avoid any cross-contamination and use their professional-grade cleaning agents including biocides and antimicrobial solutions. Afterward they can test the surfaces to ensure no bacterial elements exist. 

 Office with standing water on a rug

Greenlawn Office Needs Commercial Water Damage Cleanup from Standing Water

Greenlawn property owners rely on the professional extraction equipment SERVPRO techs bring on-scene for commercial water damage cleanup. Particularly in cases like this office with standing water. The faster the moisture gets extracted and dried, the better the chance to save structural elements.

water damaged property

Commercial Water Damage In Kings Park

When your Kings Park property experiences significant flood damage, you can count on our team! Our specialists will arrive promptly and start our restoration process. Using our advanced equipment, we will restore your property to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown is Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Bathroom with solid waste on the tile floor

Sewage Compounds Commercial Water Damage in Smithville Property

When the bathroom in this Smithville business had a backed-up sewage line, the result was bacteria-laden water all over the floor. SERVPRO technicians extracted the water, then dried, disinfected, and deodorized the bathroom.

rows of air movers in hotel corridor, overhead ducting

Nesconset Hotel Water Loss

Our skilled team from SERVPRO can use advanced drying equipment and rigs to dry out hotels and other high-trafficked guest areas with minimal interruption. Nesconset business owners and managers rely on us for fast and friendly service.

puddles of water reflecting of the floor

Smithtown Play Town Flooded

The puddles of water on the carpet in this playtime facility by Smithtown needed rapid water extraction to mitigate the damages. SERVPRO answered the call and removed the water before drying the flooded area.

A SERVPRO employee with a white hazmat suit on.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Smithtown Facilities.

Like other types of jobs, when cleaning and applying a disinfectant to this 100,000 square foot facility, SERVPRO technicians wore appropriate personal protective clothing (PPE). This practice reduced cross-contamination between the work area and the clean area of this property. PPE blocks contact between the skin and potential contaminants to ensure the health and safety of our technicians. It also prevents the transfer and spread of pathogens to street clothing, restricting the spread of any viral infection when we leave a property.

SERVPRO techs working on commercial water damage in shower

Happauge Shower Brings Serious Commercial Water Damage

A sewage backup in the private shower for the VP of this company resulted in commercial water damage that flooded half of the Happauge building. SERVPRO techs extracted the water and cleaned and disinfected the shower area to make it sanitary for reuse.