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An Active Lifestyle is a Fun Way to Stay Healthy in Smithtown

1/21/2021 (Permalink)

A SERVPRO truck in front of a building. SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown supports their community staying healthy.

Outdoor Activities Never Need to Match Smithtown Founder’s Legendary Physical Abilities

Almost everyone needs exercise to stay healthy in Smithtown. Parents of new babies are told to move their newborns legs and arms during playtime activities. Physical therapists explain that movement is essential for rapid healing after an injury. Schools require students participate in Physical Education class activities. Health officials encourage adults to exercise regularly to help them stay fit and maintain a healthy weight. Exercising also increases bone density, helping older Americans avoid broken bones.

The rugged lifestyle required of the people living in the 1660’s no longer exists. Very few of us could ride a bull non-stop from sunup to sundown, no matter how much costly rich land was at stake. However, one of the best ways to get exercise is to walk or hike outdoors. In Smithtown, we have two wonderful areas where people can hike and enjoy the natural environment, as well as get some of the freshest air in the area. 

Two Large Parks for Enhancing Your Exercise and Outdoor Recreation Activities

Smithtown residents are luckier than people living in most other locations across the country when it comes to outdoor facilities. Here, we have two immense parks in our immediate vicinity. Hiking on trails is a wonderful way to relax, stay in touch with nature, refocus your thoughts, and exercise all simultaneously, year-round. 

Caleb Smith State Park Preserve 

Located on West Jericho Turnpike, Caleb Smith State Park Preserve offers hiking, bird watching opportunities, a butterfly garden, and warm-season fly-fishing. Because this is a passive use nature preserve, some activities are not allowed. These include camping, picnicking, horse-riding, or dog walking.

Fishing by those 16 and older requires a license, although children 15 and younger can fish at Willow Lake free of charge. Getting there is quite easy from the gate, and requires very little hiking. 

During the winter, hikers might want to gear up with snowshoes or skis and poles for cross-country hiking. In the Spring and Fall, precipitation can make trails slippery, so deep treads on boots or shoes are almost a necessity. 

To ask questions about operating hours, fees, and other information, you can call (631) 265-1054.

Blydenburgh County Park

Located on New Mill Road (just south of Caleb Smith State Park Preserve), Y\you can find Blydenburgh County Park. The lake here is 100 acres and contains many bends and curves.

Dogs and horses are permitted here, as well as camping and picnicking, making it more popular than the Caleb Smith State Park (where none of these activities are permitted). 

Hiking on the Stump Pond Loop gives hikers of all skill levels an almost 10 kilometer hike. The trail is well-traveled, creating a safe environment. Take a lunch or delicious snack to enjoy during a break and keep your energy levels high.

Call (631) 854-3712 for questions about spending time in the Park.

Staying Safe when Hiking is Important – Here are Some Essential Tips

Prepare for Your Excursion

  • Dress in layers that can be removed during hotter temps but put back on when needed. Avoid cotton and choose knits or lighter wool. Choose bright colors because although off-season is illegal, staying visible helps avoid accidents and can aid in your rescue if you become lost. Make sure shoes are comfortable and have good soles. 
  • Carry waterproof matches and portable fire starters, a flashlight with fresh batteries, a few days worth of medications, energy-dense portable food items, water filter and container, a few rolls of bathroom paper or tissues, a whistle and a small mirror, and a basic first aid kit.

Avoid Getting Lost

  • During an average year, forest rangers in New York search for about 200 lost or missing hikers in our State Parks. Their ability to find people quickly hinges on knowing basic facts, namely the individual or group’s intended hiking trail, and also when they can expect you to return. This makes informing family or a trusted friend of your itinerary essential to your wellbeing. Making changes can lead to difficulties in locating you, should you need a ranger’s help. 
  • Take your map, and keep it in a waterproof bag. Also, before leaving, learn how to use a compass, and combine it with a handheld GPS unit. Additionally, take note of landmarks you pass. Taking photos of these as you hike can also help keep you from becoming lost.

Why Residential Owners in Smithtown Rely on SERVPRO for all Their Water Cleanup Needs

Staying healthy and safe while hiking comes from sound preparation. Preventing problems, or keeping them from worsening after they happen, is also how SERVPRO helps our customers in Smithtown protect their property.

When water spills over the edge of your sink or tub, or when a water line to your washing machine slips off, water becomes the source of a mess. Left to just dry, even with a fan, your Smithtown home can sustain damage that later requires expensive repairs. 

Water sitting on your floors can damage electrical systems, furnishings, and carpeting and other flooring types. The introduction of water into a normally dry home can create a hospitable environment for the already-present (although dormant) microbes, activating them. SERVPRO can handle all of these, including explosive growth of mold and mildew.

During our work on your home, we use different machines and tools to make your house healthy and safe again. Here is a list of what you might find us using inside your residence after a water spill:

  • Water extraction wands for removing trace amounts of water from small areas (corners and under appliances),
  • Ride-on extractors for open areas that use weight to squeeze water out of carpets and padding,
  • Air movers that circulate air and direct it to open windows or 
  • Desiccant machines, which strip air passing through of moisture,
  • Heaters that help raise the temperature so evaporation happens at a more desirable rate.

SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown is always ready to provide expert remediation, mitigation, and restoration services after an accident occurs inside your dwelling. Water cleanup must take place first, before other services can safely begin. We handle all your needs in protecting your investment, making everything “Like it never even happened,” for you and your family. Call our 24-hour emergency services line, (631) 518-3720, for fastest service.

Smithtown Residents are Honing their Painting Skills with Lessons at the Firefly Gallery.

12/21/2020 (Permalink)

a woman painting a picture of a tree that is in front of her It will be exciting to see the community at the Firefly Gallery classes!

Learn a New Skill From December 26th Onward with a Painting with Oils and Acrylics Class near Smithtown, NY.

Follow up the post-Christmas season with a new skill at the Firefly Gallery. The classes focus on introductory lessons, although more experienced practitioners can use the opportunity to hone their skills under professional tutelage. The courses are run by practicing artist Susan Gatti who demonstrates the core foundational techniques of working with oils and acrylics. Learn from the beginning by setting up your canvas correctly, mixing acrylics, and how to portray light through painting. Classes are suitable for all skill levels, and prices begin at $45 per class, including materials. Long term classes run for six weeks and offer a discounted price of $240

  • Class sizes are limited to ten people per session to ensure that all attendees get the necessary attention and tutelage.
  • Group bookings are available.
  • Learn how to paint in a spacious gallery environment with real-time feedback and tips.

Flash flooding can cause massive amounts of water to enter your home. Contact SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown at (631) 265-9200 for flood removal experts.

Take Part in a Good Cause this December with a Holiday Cornhole Tournament in Smithtown.

12/18/2020 (Permalink)

two cornhole boards with beanbags on them SERVPRO is looking forward to seeing the winners of the Cornhole Tournament!

On December 26th, the Bethpage Ballpark near Smithtown is Hosting a Cornhole Tournament with a Cash Prize of $100+

The game of Cornhole is a simple one where players take turns throwing bean bags and scoring points. This December, the bring-your-own-booze (BYOB) event occurs at the Bethpage Ballpark, with entrants choosing between competitive and social challenges. Teams are guaranteed three pool games with the opportunity to advance to later rounds and win a cash prize for winning. The minimum entry requirement for each team is at least two players, but groups are welcome. Partners for Cornhole can be found through the organizer's Facebook events page. The organizers are LI-Kick, who set up in 2013 and have helped 13,000 people meet friends, win tournaments, and socialize with Long Island residents. 

  • The tournament begins with local warmups and sign-ups at 11:30 am.
  • The event takes place on Saxon Avenue at the Bethpage Ballpark
  • The tournament's total length is around four hours, with first-place and runners up receiving 70% of the cash prize. 

Businesses this winter are at a high risk of sustaining mold damage. Contact SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown at (631) 265-9200 for expert commercial mold remediation.

Kitchen Fires Are Among the Most Common Housefires for St. James Residents.

12/13/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged bookshelves with soot covering them Fire damage can affect any room in your home. Contact our experienced technicians for efficient remediation service that even defeats the odors.

SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown Can Provide Adept Cleaning and Restoration to St. James Residents All Year Round.

Suffolk County is one of the four counties that make up Long Island, New York. The main township along the North Shore is Smithtown, which is home to 117,801 residents. Smithtown is the namesake of Richard Smith, an early settler in Long Island who arrived on the northern shore in the mid-seventeenth century. Local Folklore suggests that a Montauk Chieftain offered Smith as much land as he could ride around in one day on his bull. The canny Richard Smith picked the summer solstice as the longest day of the year and covered the 10 square miles that make up the township today. While recovered deed documents from the period cast doubt upon the popular myth, the township has continued to embrace the legend by erecting a bronze statue at the intersection of Middle Country Road and Route 111. There is some circumstantial evidence to support the story of Smith's bull, 'whisper,' as the presence of horses in the region was not commonplace until the mid-eighteenth century, and Richard Smith would likely have used a bull to carry out tasks usually fulfilled by horses. 

Today, St. James is a residential community that attracts visitors due to its stunning period buildings, abundant kayaking opportunities, and vineyards. The Blydenburgh Park Historic District is a tribute to the area's growing contribution to the nineteenth century's agricultural revolution. Mills, homes, and farm cottages are mostly intact and among some of the oldest buildings in Long Island. Among the top places to visit are the state parks and wildlife preserves. During the winter months, many of the hiking trails in Caleb Smith State Park open up excellent cross country skiing opportunities. Several walkable trails are marked by difficulty, with blue and red paths offering around ten miles of terrain that vary from woodlands, ponds to large hills and excellent views over Long Island and the skyscrapers of Manhattan. 

  • The Nissequogue River State Park has 521 acres of wildlife conservation and runs alongside the Nissequogue river. The state park features all-year-round kayaking and canoeing activities suitable for families and individuals looking to explore the Nissequogue river. The river park was founded in 2000 on the grounds of the Kings Park Psychiatric Center. The park offers fishing, tours, and birdwatching for many visitors each year. 
  • The Long Island community has a growing reputation for wine-making, which ship throughout the US and the Globe. Harmony Vineyards is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the waterfront of North Shore Harbor in Smithtown with live jazz music and outdoor movie screening during the summer months. Head down to Harbor road to enjoy excellent local wines, food, and culture.
  • The Smithtown Center for Performing Arts is a real gem putting on performances throughout the year for residents. Many of the programs are targeted toward younger children, with shows on Shrek, Aladdin Jr, and Dr. Seuss being performed in the last year. An arts center focused on inclusivity ticketing is typically cheap, while food, drinks, and snacks are served during the intermissions. 

Wining and Dining in St. James, Smithtown 

The diverse demographics of St. James ensures that there is a wide variety of excellent restaurants in the local area. While most of these make use of the fresh fish caught in the bays and harbors, there is a right mix of traditional American, Spanish and Asian cuisines to sink your teeth into. The majority of restaurants and bars sit along the thoroughfare of the main street, making window shopping for food an ideal night out. If you want to book ahead, several eateries are highly recommended by the locals.

  • Maureen's Kitchen is something of an institution for St. James residents. Serving up delicious traditional American and Spanish brunches, this eatery takes full advantage of the nearby harbor with kippers and seafood brunches, a stalwart of the menu. Prices are typically inexpensive, while the French Toast is a local highlight. Maureen's Kitchen is situated on Terry Road just off the bypass.
  • H20 Seafood is another gem of the local area located on Main Street and serving up seasonal seafood to delighted guests. The night-time restaurant has a marble sushi bar for quick meals and outdoor seating and sit-down dining. Blue-fin tuna, Scottish Salmon, and the Pan Roasted chicken are among the delicacies here.
  • Cafe Havana on West Jericho Turnpike has a selection of Cuban-themed cocktails and seafood tapas. The choice of Paellas, Empanadas, Martini's, and Wines are a great way to introduce yourself to the local cuisine when visiting.

Smoke Residues Can Be Challenging To Remove Without Damaging Materials or Structure. SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown Can Send Experienced Professionals Within Four Hours.

When smoke comes into contact with colder surfaces, it can leave behind residues. These residues are unpleasant to look at and can often cause unpleasant odors to linger in the property. In high-pressure fires, smoke particles may penetrate the surface layers of walls and ceilings, making them even harder to clean. SERVPRO technicians have extensive training in removing stubborn soot and smoke residues. Our team has a full range of chemical cleaning products and solvents that they can use to return your home to its preloss condition. Our promise to residents of St James, Smithtown is to arrive at your property within four hours of notification of loss. 

  • Technicians can assess the pH level of soot and smokes then activate the necessary cleaning agents to remove them without causing excessive harm to the surface materials. 
  • Our range of oil and water-based solvents can be used to dissolve soot and smoke residues, which are then rinsed away from the wall. 
  • Staged carpet cleaning methods allow us to tailor our response depending on the extent of damage, helping clean up your home after a fire. 

Fires can be challenging to overcome without the correct selection of chemical agents and knowing when to use them. Contact SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown at (631) 265-9200.

Give the Gift of Healing and Life in Smithtown This Holiday Season

11/15/2020 (Permalink)

overhead view of river and bay Smithtown Residents Contribute to the Blood Drive as SERVPRO helps with water damage mitigation

Participate in the New York Blood Center Blood Drive at Smithtown’s St. Catherine Of Siena Medical Center -- Donations Are Always Needed at This Time of Stress in the Health System

Donating blood if able is one of the most compassionate things Smithtown residents can do for others. Almost anyone can recall a time they or a loved one required blood or blood products to survive a surgery or overcome a health setback. Why not repay those selfless people who were there when others were in need by registering to donate blood to the New York Blood Center when they set up in Smithtown?

  • Date: Tuesday, December 1, 2020
  • Time: 7:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • Location: Catherine of Siena Medical Center

50 Route 25A

Smithtown, NY 11787

Register through the New York Blood Drive website, clicking on “Donate Now,” and searching by zip code or using Smithtown as the requested city.

The team at SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown is always available, completing water removal fast and to the highest standards by following the industry’s best practices. Call 24/7 every day of the year at (631) 265-9200 to schedule an appointment.

Where Can Holiday Shoppers Find Unique and Unusual Gifts in St. James?

11/15/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO green van parked at building Smithtown homeowners count on SERVPRO to keep their homes cleaned up and safe after unfortunate fire-damaging events

Visit the St. James Smithtown Craft Fair for Hand Crafted Works and Holiday Decor

Nothing beats finding that extra-special one of a kind gift for your friends or loved ones’ holiday delight. To help with your search, consider the upcoming annual St. James -- Smithtown Craft Fair. The venue features dozens of vendors in a space large enough to observe current distancing requirements. Expect the unexpected as you peruse the wares, including:

  • Vintage and artisanal jewelry
  • Handcrafted soaps and candles
  • Wreaths and other holiday and general decor
  • Pottery and glassware

Dates and Times:

December 5 and 6, 2020                                    10:00 am -- 4:00 pm

Place: Smithtown High School

East 10 School Street

St. James, NY 11780

Contact: Telephone  631-846-1459

If your St. James holiday celebration includes an unfortunate accident with overturned artisanal candles or an ill-timed kitchen blaze, contact SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown for fast and professional smoke and fire cleanup. Contact our team at (631) 265-9200 any day of the year for the help you need.

Truth or Charming Traditions? Stories About the Origin and Boundaries of Smithtown Long Island

11/14/2020 (Permalink)

smithtown town hall Smithtown relies on SERVPRO for water damage cleanup and restoration

Learn About Smithtown Lore and Make You Own Decision About the Veracity of the Legend of Richard Smith and Whisper the Bull

Slightly to the west of the junction of West Main and St. Johnland Road is a proud and almost prancing statue of a bull in Smithtown, Long Island. The large and detailed work of art was commissioned in the early part of the 20th century and erected in 1941 by descendants of the town's founder Richard Smith. Recently the bull and its supporting masonry and landscaping were rededicated after an unfortunate vehicle accident on the iconic confluence of Routes 25 and 25A.

What Is the Story Behind the Whisper the Bull?

Many tall tales are told in various areas of the United States, and the story of Richard Smith (or Smythe) and his bull Whisper is widely considered in the Smithtown area to be one that joins their ranks -- and maybe even starts the trend. In contrast with stories about fictional characters like Paul Bunyan or Pecos Bill, this legend has a historical figure at its heart like Molly Pitcher, Johnny Appleseed, Davy Crockett, or Daniel Boone. Told repeatedly and memorialized by a significant monument right in the center of Smithtown, the fantastic story begins to feel as though it could be real.

What Set the Stage for the Antics of Whisper and His Master?

Richard Smith (Smythe, in some renderings) came to Long Island after some time in other areas of New England. He emigrated from England to Boston in roughly 1635 on the ship "John of London." Because land for settlement was already hard to come by in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Smith traveled to the relatively pristine wilderness of Long Island. The story goes that Smith was instrumental in saving a kidnapped indigenous woman who was a Montauk Sachem's (leader or chief) daughter. Some versions further embellish the story by naming the woman as "Heather Flower" and explaining she could not elude capture when a Narragansett band spirited her away to Connecticut. Richard Smith allegedly succeeded in returning Heather Flower to her family after his friend Lyon Gardiner rescued her and brought back to Richard Smith's dwelling.

Was There a Reward for Richard Smith's Achievement?

The legend goes on to set out the compensation received by Smith for this remarkable feat. In appreciation, the woman's father offered Smith ownership of a parcel of real estate on Long Island. In keeping with the fantastical story told to this point, Smith could not merely describe the borders he desired for the Montauks. He instead was challenged to complete an epic journey to trace the boundaries of his "win." The invitation given by the Sachem was as follows:

  • Richard Smith was granted one day to complete a circuit in the area of present-day Smithtown that would set the perimeter of his prize.
  • Smith could ride on his bull Whisper to ease the burden on his legs.
  • Only the land circled by man and bull would become Richard Smith's property.

What Strategies Did Smith Employ to Enhance the Fruits of His Labor?

Richard Smith is portrayed in the retellings as a savvy soul who used his wits to make the very best of this opportunity. Instead of jumping on Whisper and completing the task as soon as practical, he waited for the perfect circumstances:

  • He traveled around the desired track with Whisper's favorite cows the night before to lay down their appealing scent.
  • He chose the longest day of the year (the summer solstice) to complete his bull ride.

What Was the Route Putatively Followed by Smith and His Bull?

Beginning at the east end of modern Smithtown, Smith and Whisper headed south toward Raconcamuck, today's Ronkonkoma. A right took the pair to Hauppauge, followed by another right along the current Veterans Highway. Whisper and Smith then traced Town Line Road, or the western border of Smith's parcel, ending at the coast of Long Island Sound. Midway through, Smith munched on bread and cheese, immortalized in the authentic Bread and Cheese Hollow Road, in Fort Salonga, Smithtown.

How Likely Is It that the Tall Tale Is True?

Although stories that seize the imagination are always great fun, it is unlikely that this cozy tale has more than glancing bits of truth. The following parts are consistent, somewhat, with the legend:

  • Riding a bull was not uncommon during the mid-1600s and was probably necessary to make the way through the heavily woody and grassy wilderness in Long Island at the time.
  • According to written evidence, Wyandanch, a Montauk leader, gifted Lion Gardiner land in the area of modern Smithtown.

What Are Discrepancies in the Story?

The most telling issue with Whisper's traversing the Smithtown boundary is its 55-mile total length. Moving five or six miles every sixty minutes over 16 hours is more grueling than any bull could walk, especially through a wilderness. Also:

  • A deed exists that has Gardiner transferring the Smithtown region to Smith in 1663.
  • It is far easier to believe that Smith either bought the Smithtown site (he possessed other real estate and money) or won it in a card game.

Is There a Happing Ending for Burst Pipes in Richard Smith's Old Stomping Grounds?

As you enjoy dreaming about the legend of Whisper and Richard Smith on a cold winter night, ensure you have a plan if your Smithtown home suffers from frozen pipes. Plunging temperatures and placement of water lines in uninsulated exterior wall cavities can result in a horror story.

Who Can Intervene to Restore Cold Weather Plumbing Damage?

Be sure to hire a trained and experienced contractor when facing the nightmare of frozen pipes and water damage in Smithtown. SERVPRO crews are skilled at mitigating the water spread and remediating the damage done by both the water and the freezing temperatures, which can warp and deteriorate structural materials.

How Can SERVPRO's General Contractor's License Improve Restorations Outcomes?

Frozen pipes can destroy walls and severely damage other building materials. Once our crews remove the water and dry out the affected areas, our team can begin repairs and rebuilding. Upgrading insulation and considering replumbing away from exterior walls are ways we can avoid frozen pipes in your home during the next cold snap.

You can count on the highly-qualified team at SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown when pipes burst due to below freezing conditions. Call us at (631) 265-9200 for a fast response and to clear the pathway to "Like it never even happened."

Contractor Licenses:

General: 51995-H

How Can Property Owners Handle Water Damage Caused by a Leaking Water Heater?

10/20/2020 (Permalink)

leaking water heater; water on floor Leaking water heaters account for major water loss events every year. SERVPRO knows how to quickly restore your home.

They Should Call an Experienced Restoration Firm Like SERVPRO to Perform Water Removal in their Smithtown Homes

A water leak in your Smithtown property can cause severe structural damage in the long run if it remains unattended for an extended period. The leak might seem slow, but water can seep into various surfaces within a short period. SERVPRO professionals can help stop further damage and restore your property to its pre-damage condition.

What should property owners do after finding out about the water leak?

After a water intrusion incident, you need to contact your insurance company and file a claim. Without wasting time, contact an experienced restorer to perform water removal in your Smithtown property. Before restorers get to your property, you can help prevent additional damage by:

  • Turning off the heater's water supply.
  • Containing the water using a towel and rugs.
  • Switching off the main electricity supply if some parts of your home are flooded.
  • Removing damaged items from the affected area.

What are some of the effects of water damage?

The effects of water damage begin to occur within 48 hours. If ignored more than that, the following may occur:

  • Decrease the overall property value.
  • You may incur high restoration costs.
  • Mold growth may take place in hidden areas.
  • Wallpaper and paint chipping may also occur.

SERPVRO technicians can help minimize the chances of the above effects from occurring. Our technicians work quickly to save as much property as possible. We know how to operate water removal and drying equipment efficiently and effectively to dry structures and contents.

Can you salvage wet furniture and carpets?

SERVPRO technicians can identify salvageable items and those damaged beyond repair. We can dispose of the severely damaged contents properly. We use the latest tools and techniques to ensure effective restoration. If water has seeped into your furniture, we can use centrifugal air movers to direct air to the furniture. The equipment increases evaporation on the surface, leading to fast drying. We can use a carpet clamp on this equipment to float carpets and blow air under them.  

How long does it take for odors to subside?

Construction materials are designed to absorb some level of moisture. However, when the moisture limit exceeds, the materials erode, releasing organic compounds into the air. The decaying continues until the moisture levels drop. That means that the odor can persist for an extended period. Our technicians can use ventilation box fans to generate an airflow of high velocity. The airflow not only removes odors from the structure but also dries hard to reach areas.

Conducting water removal without proper equipment and restoration skills can cause more damage to your property. Contact SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown at (631) 265-9200 to get your property to its preloss state. "Like it never even happened."   

Can a Smithtown Business Prepare for the Dual Devastations of Commercial Fire Damage and Temporary Shutdown During Recovery Efforts?

10/18/2020 (Permalink)

fire isolated over black background Planning is always a savvy decision -- call us at (631) 265-9200 to schedule an assessment.

Join with SERVPRO to Recover from Commercial Fire Damage -- Be Proactive Through the Development of a Pre-Crisis Emergency READY Profile and Plan (ERP) and Rely on Our Rapid Response for Smithtown Businesses

If there is a more pressing worry than how the interior and exterior of your commercial property in Smithtown can reemerge from the ashes of a fire, it might be the fear you feel that your customers will replace you with a competitor as you recover from the damage of the heat, smoke, and flames. Statistics show a nearly 50 percent failure rate when businesses close down temporarily to manage the tasks needed to clean up and rebuild after a fire. Knowing this risk, smart entrepreneurs plan for disaster. It is especially vital to design a way to meet the needs of those who rely on your business for services and products during the restoration of the burned structure.

Are There Ways to Prepare Your Business for the Disturbance of Commercial Fire Damage Restoration?
Fire damage recovery for Smithtown commercial properties involves a complicated agenda if all aspects get the attention they need. The first certainty is that a business should not manage fire damage cleanup by piling the tasks on the shoulders of its cleaning contractor or housekeeping staff. Developing an individualized response to the chaos of a potential fire or another disaster should be part of any business plan. You can read checklists and research recommendations, but relying on generic advice can leave you vulnerable because of the unique juxtaposition of the nature of your business operations and the building housing it.

How Can a Business Owner Implement Effective Ways to Prepare for Fire Damage and Other Property Disasters?
Set up a consultation with a reputable disaster mitigation and remediation company when no catastrophe is imminent. Although a reliable and experienced company like SERVPRO responds adequately during an unanticipated emergency, our interventions can be more focused and productive if we have a pre-existing idea of how your business operates and the specifics of your physical layout. Working together on our Emergency READY Profile and Plan (ERP) is an excellent opportunity for us to gain a comprehensive understanding of what your needs might be. Likewise, you can review the restoration options we offer local businesses.

What Is the Procedure for Developing an ERP?
You or your managers call SERVPRO to schedule an assessment. One of our project managers, experienced in fire damage and other restoration, arrives for a no-obligation consultation:

Our project manager walks through your commercial building or campus, sketching out:
    •    A blueprint of the physical layout
    •    The location of utility lines and shutoffs
    •    Locations of break rooms or kitchens (common sources of fire damage)
    •    The positioning of production or other equipment
    •    Location of inventory and storage areas

During the walkthrough, our project manager likely will take pictures and interview you or other knowledgeable individuals about the nature and day to day operations of your business.

Does SERVPRO Value My Opinions and Priorities During the Development of the ERP?
Our project manager's preliminary information-gathering forms the outline of the concise digital document that is the ERP. We also recommend you use our mobile app to fill in additional details to help our crews respond appropriately after fire damages your business:

    •    Clarify that SERVPRO is your preferred restoration partner to prevent delays in mitigation and restoration efforts
    •    Enumerate the identities and contact information of the vendors and contractors who designed and installed your business equipment and systems
    •    Designate individuals among your employees, family, or others who are authorized to act on your behalf if you cannot direct the recovery during the fire-damage aftermath

How Else Does SERVPRO Stand Out Among Other Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Companies?
Remember that one of the most troubling parts of fire damage recovery is the possibility that your loyal customers will find other sources during the restoration of your business. Because we gain a deeper understanding of your priorities and operations through the development of the ERP, we can:

Offer suggestions long before any fire damage that limits the possible effects of a disaster, including:

    •    Repairs and maintenance that reduces the likelihood of fire and other crises
    •    Adaptations in storage and inventory systems that protects contents from disaster
    •    Making good use of our general contractor's license to contain fire damage so that spaces within your commercial building can remain open for business
    •    Plan for temporary, short term alternatives to keep a viable business presence operating even as we restore the fire damage

Partner with the professionals from SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown to develop an ERP, the blueprint of a recovery both you and we hope never to need to follow if fire damage never occurs. Planning is always a savvy decision -- call us at (631) 265-9200 to schedule an assessment.

Who Can Clean Up a Water Damaged Property in Smithtown?

10/11/2020 (Permalink)

silver pipe leaking water Water damage to your property can happen without you even noticing. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 for remediation and mitigation services to help you.

Winning Tactics For Dealing With Smithtown Water Damage

Water damage is something that can happen to anyone, even in Smithtown. Storms and floods happen. Fires need to be put out with drenching hoses. Pipes burst. Washing machines malfunction. You would not think something as passive as water could do much damage, but it does. It causes wood to rot, steel to rust and encourages some stuff you would rather not know about.

SERVPRO Is Ready for You At Anytime

Not only can water damage happen to anyone, it can happen at any time. That is why we at SERVPRO employ highly trained technicians who are ready to help you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Just call us and we are there immediately to clear up the flood or water damage at your Smithtown property. We are efficient and experienced enough to get the job done as quickly as possible. We use technologically advanced equipment for inspection and extraction to find the water and get rid of it before it can do any more damage. Our local technicians meticulously monitor and document the drying process until you are satisfied that your property is back to the way you want it.

Here is How It Is Done

How do we do it? First, you call SERVPRO, at any time of the day or night. We ask you a few pertinent questions and be right over. We inspect the damage to determine what needs to be done. Then we get to work sucking that extra water right out and getting rid of debris. We use a drying process to get rid of anything we missed the first time. We do not stop there! We clean up and sanitize everything and restore your property to just the way it was before if not better.

Call SERVPRO Right Away

Our technicians eliminate water damage from Smithtown homes. The longer water is allowed to set, the more damage it can do. If you have water damage, do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown at (631) 265-9200. You will be happy that you did! 

Click here for more information about Smithtown.