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Local Smithtown Businesses Count On SERVPRO for Commercial Water Removal

3/26/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

SERVPRO is Available 24/7 for Commercial Water Removal in Smithtown

Walking into a business that had a water damage incident overnight can seem daunting. SERVPRO technicians know that there are three critical elements for a company with this type of issue:

  • The business structure needs to be safe
  • Stock and equipment need to get preserved
  • Awareness for injuries such as slip and fall accidents needs to get addressed through the use of condoning off work areas

Protection of the articles in Smithtown commercial water removal jobs is a priority for SERVPRO techs. Even in areas where water is not an issue, elevated interior humidity levels can soften cardboard packaging, ruin electronic components, and ruin items. 

It is not unusual for seepage under flooring and wicking into walls to require removing the building materials. This SERVPRO holds a general contractor license #51995-H and can transition the restoration services into any rebuilding or repairs needed to open the business. Any items removed during the cleanup get returned to their exact location. 

SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown at (631) 265-9200 handles commercial water removal in Smithtown properties 24/7 and makes the damage "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Helps Local Smithtown Residents with Fire Damage Cleanup

3/19/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle parked in front of home SERVPRO professionals are trained to handle every level of fire damage, Including the odors that follow. Call us today, we are always available.

Smithtown Fire Damage Gets Professional Attention from SERVPRO

When a fire occurs within a property, it can leave a host of issues that make the cleanup a challenge, including:

  • Charred building materials that need removal
  • Smoke residues on surfaces
  • Water damage 
  • Inspection to determine if the heat ruined walls, ceilings, or furnishings

Smoke residues are a big issue facing SERVPRO technicians when they tackle Smithtown fire damage cleanup and restorations. The type of residue dictates the cleaning method needed as well as the surface it is on.

Dry particles are loose and move with ease. SERVPRO techs use hand vacuuming and manual applications such as dry cleaning sponges to remove this type of smoke damage from surfaces. Applying cleaning solutions can force that particulate deeper into absorbent articles and, in some cases, make the problem worse. 

Wet, heavier residues usually need the help of a solvent-based cleaning agent to dissolve the grip on the surface before a clean removal can happen as the solvent suspends the residue so it can then get wiped away. 

SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown at (631) 265-9200 is available 24/7 for fire damage restoration in local Smithtown homes.

SERVPRO Arrives Quickly to Smithtown Properties with Flood Damage

3/11/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Office SERVPRO professionals are trained to handle every level of storm damage. Call us today, we are always available.

Smithtown Residents Get Fast Storm and Flood Damage Help 

Smithtown got established uniquely. In 1665, a local settler named Richard Smith rescued a local Native American chief's daughter abducted by a hostile tribe. After his daughter's return, the chief told Smith that he would get granted all the land he could encircle within one day on a bull. The longest day of the year is the summer solstice in June, and that is the day Smith chose to ride and claim the land that he initially named "Smithfield." 

  • The name of the bull was Whisper 
  • There is a statue erected in his honor at Jericho Turnpike's fork, also known as New York State Route 25, and St. Johnland Road, also known as New York State Route 25A.
  • The bull statue caused drama when presented due to the being anatomically correct

Harmony Vineyards

Smithtown has several interesting venues that appeal to both locals as well as visitors to the city. Harmony Vineyards has a gorgeous vineyard terrace that overlooks the planted grapevines and has a good view of the waterfront. This place has regular outdoor musical performances in months when the weather permits. Other fun activities include a regular movie night where guests can bring their own blankets, chairs, and snacks and enjoy watching a flick on the three-story outdoor movie screen while sipping the on-site produced wines. One of the most popular events is the "Tasting Notes Jazz Club," which happens on Thursdays and Saturdays where patrons can listen to different jazz genres while tasting various wines. A portion of sales gets donated to various charitable causes. 

Whisper the Bull

The Statue of Whisper the Bull was created in 1903 by Lawrence Smith Butler, a direct descendent of the town's namesake and founder, Richard Smith. Butler wanted to make the sculpture of the bull and set about training money for the task. The cost of the project was $12,000, and the casting was completed in 1923. The funds to shop the bull statue to Brooklyn did not materialize, and it remained in front of the Brooklyn Museum for several years. In 1921, Butler went back to Smithtown's town board and asked for the funds to create a concrete pedestal for the statue. The statue was moved by train to the town of Smithtown and set up in the square area to commemorate the town's founders. 

What Do Smithtown Homeowners Need to Be Aware Of After Storm and Flood Damage?

In the lapse of time between the flood damage in a Smithtown home and the arrival of SERVPRO, there are many actions a homeowner can take to lessen the number of ruined items in the house, such as: 

  • Remove paper-based items away from areas they can come into contact with water
  • Bring furniture into other areas of the home if it safe to do so
  • Turn off the power to the home if there are floor or low outlets
  • Look to see if there are water spots on walls or ceilings indicating exterior damage

SERVPRO technicians scope both the exterior and interior to determine if any emergency repairs need to get made. One of the most common is tarping over a damaged roof to halt any further water from entering. Once the restoration help gets completed, this SERVPRO location holds a general contractor license #51995-H and can offer repairs and reconstruction services as needed.

SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown at (631) 265-9200 brings years of experience and the professional equipment to restore local Smithtown homes from any size flood damage.

Why Hire Fire Damage Restoration Professionals?

2/22/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO fleet ready for action 24/7 365 days a year. SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified for any kind of fire damaged property. Their techs are savvy and have the equipment for any job.

SERVPRO is prepared and ready to handle fire damage to restore your Smithtown interior fully

If you have a small fire in your home with minimal damage, you may think that you can begin DIY cleanup to get it back to normal. However, soot and smoke penetrate all porous materials, making it difficult to eliminate without skilled restoration efforts. SERVPRO has the tools and tricks-of-the-trade to get it done fast so you can get back to your life as usual.

Should you wonder why it is best to hire IICRC-certified technicians to handle your fire damage in Smithtown, we want you to know some of what we offer here at SERVPRO:

  • A full assessment of your interior and structural elements
  • Removal of all moisture left behind from water used to extinguish the flames
  • Powerful products and proven techniques for cleaning up smoke and soot residue
  • Execution of a detailed plan to restore your interior, which includes the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and smart containment strategies to keep contamination from traveling
  • Total deodorization and sanitization of your interior
  • Complete repair and restoration to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Fire damage and restoration are critical to ensure your interior gets back to pre-fire condition. Call us at SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown 24/7 at (631) 265-9200 when you need a rapid response. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Do You Have Hidden Water Damage?

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged ceiling, drywall removed SERVPRO will be with you from start to finish of the water restoration process. Our General Contractor is license and insured for any size job.

SERVPRO can help locate and address water damage and problem areas in your Smithtown home

Even though you might not see it, there could be trouble looming within your Smithtown property. Many homeowners do not notice slow leaks or drips until it is too late and the damage settles in. When it comes to detailed leak detection and water restoration, there is nothing like our skilled crew at SERVPRO. 

Water damage in Smithtown often remains unnoticed until you see signs that it is time to act. Some of the signs to keep an eye out for include:

  • Unpleasant, musty odors that point to bacterial and mold growth
  • The visible mold that may look like black spots, blotches, or fuzzy discoloration
  • Staining that develops on your ceilings or walls
  • Paint or wallpaper that begins to bubble or peel
  • Ceilings or walls start to sag
  • Buckling, bowing, or warping of your floorboards

Once our SERVPRO Green Fleet arrives, we get to work with moisture detection tools to located and eradicate hidden moisture. Any secondary damage that caused materials to deteriorate gets addressed right away. In many cases, unsalvageable materials must be entirely removed and replaced with controlled demolition. General Contractor License #: 51995-H

By calling (631) 265-9200, you will have access to our team's 24/7 emergency response here at SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown. With our prompt action and proven methods, we can tackle any water damage on your property to make it "Like it never even happened."

Why is Mold Damage Remediation Important?

2/10/2021 (Permalink)

Moisture meter checking a slab Mold will spread within 24 to 48 hours. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for the mold remediation services needed for your property.

Smithtown residents trust SERVPRO to handle mold damage with care and precision.

Located in Suffolk County, New York, the town of Smithtown is situated along the northern shore of Long Island with a population of 117,801 when the 2010 United States Census got taken. This is a census-designated place (CDP)

Fun Fact: Smithtown, New York, happens to be one of the oldest towns in all of Long Island, with founding dating back to 1665.

Taking a look at Smithtown's history, local legend says that the town was named after Richard Smith, who helped rescue the daughter of the area's Native American chief. This got done after Smith proved that he could encircle the area in one day while riding a bull. There is now a large statue within the town, which is anatomically correct, of Smith's bull. The bull's name was Whisper. 

Learning More About the Local Events in Smithtown, NY

Many annual events take place in the area, including many which are hosted by the Smithtown Historical Society. Some of the popular gatherings throughout the year include:

  • April is the time to enjoy the Spring Farm Festival
  • In September, the Heritage Fair is a time to honor local history
  • Various educational programs and school field trips are offered regularly
  • Local baseball is a prevalent pastime during the summer season
  • Summer Under the Stars is a great time to check out local music outdoors
  • The Brush Barn is an excellent event space in the area where you can rent it out for weddings and more

Of course, there are several very popular restaurants and watering holes throughout the Smithtown area. If you are looking for a night out with friends or you want to have dinner with family, some of the top destinations include:

  • Maureen's Kitchen – the ultimate place to go for mouthwatering breakfast and some of the best pancakes in the region.
  • Chop Shop – this restaurant offers a cozy, traditional steakhouse vibe with a modern menu and excellent meat cuts.
  • Javier's Café – whether you go for breakfast, lunch, or brunch, you have breakfast dishes available at all times. 
  • Café Havana Bar & Grill - is a great place to go if you are looking for a little bit of Latin cuisine and a full selection of craft cocktails. Be sure to ask for an extra side of plantains!

Why Should Smithtown Residents Look for Professional Mold Damage Cleanup? SERVPRO Gets the Job Done Right the First Time!

Once you suspect mold colonization in your home, you need to address it as soon as possible. The faster that you act, the quicker you can eliminate the potential health effects for everyone living within your Smithtown home. SERVPRO will ensure everything gets addressed to locate the source of the problem leading to mold growth, then handling all cleanups. 

The onset of mold damage in Smithtown could stem from a much larger issue. Some of the most common causes of mold growth within the home may include:

  • Water damage from flooding
  • Roof leaks
  • Water damage after a fire
  • Broken pipes or slow, undetected leaks
  • Water spilled due to overflowing tubs or sinks

Call SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown for help with mold damage cleanup at (631) 265-9200. We will ensure everything is Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned!

Residents in Smithtown can Participate in a Zoom Seminar on America’s Most Important Beacon

1/29/2021 (Permalink)

A lighthouse off of a shoreline. Join Bill Bleyer for a seminar about Fire Islands Lighthouse history.

Smithtown Library is Holding a Zoom Session about Fire Island’s Lighthouse History

Learn from Bill Bleyer during this seminar on Wednesday, February 10, 2021, starting at 7 PM until 8 PM. You do not need to register for this free event. Fire Island’s Lighthouse was once one of the first landmarks immigrants saw when coming to the mainland. Learn about the construction, changes to its appearance, and how the lighthouse prevented tragedies and saved lives.

  • Attend by computer or by regular phone.
  • Computer users - Meeting ID: 890 3144 5129, password: SmithLib 
  • By telephone - (646) 558-8656 Use ID above, password: 64619292

When fire leaves your business smelling of smoke and charred materials, SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown provides Smithtown businesses with a tailored, scaled-to-your-needs approach. Call (631) 518-3720 to keep your business moving forward with a fresh, healthy start. Let us be your beacon in the night after a fire-damaging event.

Learn about the High-Flying Birds of Prey Living Near St. James

1/26/2021 (Permalink)

An american eagle flying over water. Sign up for Raptor Dans Educational tour, you get to exercise and seeing birds that are not visible on a daily basis.

A Short Distance from St. James, Raptor Dan Gives an Educational Walking Tour 

On Saturday, February 6, 2021, between 11:00 AM and 12:00 noon, Raptor Dan will provide an excellent, up-close opportunity to see several types of birds that hunt. These birds are rarely seen near people’s homes in St. James because they prefer to build their nests in high altitude locations. Dan explains about other aspects that make these birds unique compared to more commonly seen birds.

  • See a Bald Eagle, hawks, turkey vultures, and owls, amongst other gorgeous birds,
  • Pre-pay by calling (631) 979-6344, only $10 each adult with children 12 years old and younger charged half-price,
  • 62 Eckernkamp Drive in Smithtown, NY, 11787 at the Sweetbriar Nature Center.

SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown is always nearby to help those in St. James weather the worst storms and floods. Call us at (631) 518-3720 for skilled professionals who can make your home warm and dry again.

An Active Lifestyle is a Fun Way to Stay Healthy in Smithtown

1/21/2021 (Permalink)

A SERVPRO truck in front of a building. SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown supports their community staying healthy.

Outdoor Activities Never Need to Match Smithtown Founder’s Legendary Physical Abilities

Almost everyone needs exercise to stay healthy in Smithtown. Parents of new babies are told to move their newborns legs and arms during playtime activities. Physical therapists explain that movement is essential for rapid healing after an injury. Schools require students participate in Physical Education class activities. Health officials encourage adults to exercise regularly to help them stay fit and maintain a healthy weight. Exercising also increases bone density, helping older Americans avoid broken bones.

The rugged lifestyle required of the people living in the 1660’s no longer exists. Very few of us could ride a bull non-stop from sunup to sundown, no matter how much costly rich land was at stake. However, one of the best ways to get exercise is to walk or hike outdoors. In Smithtown, we have two wonderful areas where people can hike and enjoy the natural environment, as well as get some of the freshest air in the area. 

Two Large Parks for Enhancing Your Exercise and Outdoor Recreation Activities

Smithtown residents are luckier than people living in most other locations across the country when it comes to outdoor facilities. Here, we have two immense parks in our immediate vicinity. Hiking on trails is a wonderful way to relax, stay in touch with nature, refocus your thoughts, and exercise all simultaneously, year-round. 

Caleb Smith State Park Preserve 

Located on West Jericho Turnpike, Caleb Smith State Park Preserve offers hiking, bird watching opportunities, a butterfly garden, and warm-season fly-fishing. Because this is a passive use nature preserve, some activities are not allowed. These include camping, picnicking, horse-riding, or dog walking.

Fishing by those 16 and older requires a license, although children 15 and younger can fish at Willow Lake free of charge. Getting there is quite easy from the gate, and requires very little hiking. 

During the winter, hikers might want to gear up with snowshoes or skis and poles for cross-country hiking. In the Spring and Fall, precipitation can make trails slippery, so deep treads on boots or shoes are almost a necessity. 

To ask questions about operating hours, fees, and other information, you can call (631) 265-1054.

Blydenburgh County Park

Located on New Mill Road (just south of Caleb Smith State Park Preserve), Y\you can find Blydenburgh County Park. The lake here is 100 acres and contains many bends and curves.

Dogs and horses are permitted here, as well as camping and picnicking, making it more popular than the Caleb Smith State Park (where none of these activities are permitted). 

Hiking on the Stump Pond Loop gives hikers of all skill levels an almost 10 kilometer hike. The trail is well-traveled, creating a safe environment. Take a lunch or delicious snack to enjoy during a break and keep your energy levels high.

Call (631) 854-3712 for questions about spending time in the Park.

Staying Safe when Hiking is Important – Here are Some Essential Tips

Prepare for Your Excursion

  • Dress in layers that can be removed during hotter temps but put back on when needed. Avoid cotton and choose knits or lighter wool. Choose bright colors because although off-season is illegal, staying visible helps avoid accidents and can aid in your rescue if you become lost. Make sure shoes are comfortable and have good soles. 
  • Carry waterproof matches and portable fire starters, a flashlight with fresh batteries, a few days worth of medications, energy-dense portable food items, water filter and container, a few rolls of bathroom paper or tissues, a whistle and a small mirror, and a basic first aid kit.

Avoid Getting Lost

  • During an average year, forest rangers in New York search for about 200 lost or missing hikers in our State Parks. Their ability to find people quickly hinges on knowing basic facts, namely the individual or group’s intended hiking trail, and also when they can expect you to return. This makes informing family or a trusted friend of your itinerary essential to your wellbeing. Making changes can lead to difficulties in locating you, should you need a ranger’s help. 
  • Take your map, and keep it in a waterproof bag. Also, before leaving, learn how to use a compass, and combine it with a handheld GPS unit. Additionally, take note of landmarks you pass. Taking photos of these as you hike can also help keep you from becoming lost.

Why Residential Owners in Smithtown Rely on SERVPRO for all Their Water Cleanup Needs

Staying healthy and safe while hiking comes from sound preparation. Preventing problems, or keeping them from worsening after they happen, is also how SERVPRO helps our customers in Smithtown protect their property.

When water spills over the edge of your sink or tub, or when a water line to your washing machine slips off, water becomes the source of a mess. Left to just dry, even with a fan, your Smithtown home can sustain damage that later requires expensive repairs. 

Water sitting on your floors can damage electrical systems, furnishings, and carpeting and other flooring types. The introduction of water into a normally dry home can create a hospitable environment for the already-present (although dormant) microbes, activating them. SERVPRO can handle all of these, including explosive growth of mold and mildew.

During our work on your home, we use different machines and tools to make your house healthy and safe again. Here is a list of what you might find us using inside your residence after a water spill:

  • Water extraction wands for removing trace amounts of water from small areas (corners and under appliances),
  • Ride-on extractors for open areas that use weight to squeeze water out of carpets and padding,
  • Air movers that circulate air and direct it to open windows or 
  • Desiccant machines, which strip air passing through of moisture,
  • Heaters that help raise the temperature so evaporation happens at a more desirable rate.

SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown is always ready to provide expert remediation, mitigation, and restoration services after an accident occurs inside your dwelling. Water cleanup must take place first, before other services can safely begin. We handle all your needs in protecting your investment, making everything “Like it never even happened,” for you and your family. Call our 24-hour emergency services line, (631) 518-3720, for fastest service.

Smithtown Residents are Honing their Painting Skills with Lessons at the Firefly Gallery.

12/21/2020 (Permalink)

a woman painting a picture of a tree that is in front of her It will be exciting to see the community at the Firefly Gallery classes!

Learn a New Skill From December 26th Onward with a Painting with Oils and Acrylics Class near Smithtown, NY.

Follow up the post-Christmas season with a new skill at the Firefly Gallery. The classes focus on introductory lessons, although more experienced practitioners can use the opportunity to hone their skills under professional tutelage. The courses are run by practicing artist Susan Gatti who demonstrates the core foundational techniques of working with oils and acrylics. Learn from the beginning by setting up your canvas correctly, mixing acrylics, and how to portray light through painting. Classes are suitable for all skill levels, and prices begin at $45 per class, including materials. Long term classes run for six weeks and offer a discounted price of $240

  • Class sizes are limited to ten people per session to ensure that all attendees get the necessary attention and tutelage.
  • Group bookings are available.
  • Learn how to paint in a spacious gallery environment with real-time feedback and tips.

Flash flooding can cause massive amounts of water to enter your home. Contact SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown at (631) 265-9200 for flood removal experts.